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A Virtual Library of tools for trained teachers

Summer 2019

Challenge: Organization offering professional development trainings and exclusive resources for educators and education administrators needed a virtual “library” available only to its paid members through which to share their extensive collection of materials in a way that was easy-to-use and understand, well organized (categorized, alphabetical), and searchable. They had just gone live with their new website and were struggling to find best ways to work within the new online membership system. They had over 300 different files to share, including video and image files. They had hoped to also share certain materials in a way that was more mobile-friendly than traditional, PDF files.

exclusive & organized: A Well-Constructed Table

Solution: Initial ideas brainstormed by SME’s ranged from highly complex (such as an intense “mobile app”) to the simple compilation of a list of linked titles on a password-protected site page. Since I fulfilled multiple roles in the office and since members had long been without their resources since the development of the new site, the time investment into learning how to develop an app for mobile use was far too heavy. This also would not address the needs of desktop users, who were the majority of users. We also decided our paid members deserved something better than a list of linked titles.

Through research, I discovered new possibilities within WordPress and the use of inventive plugins — Post Tables Pro, Custom Taxonomy Order, and Pods: Custom Content Types and and Fields. These could work together to create a complex table that was organized, informative, and searchable. It could also function alongside the site’s core member plugin WooCommerce Members through which I could make choice website elements exclusive to paid members with their login. I was able to design the table and place it on a member-restricted site page. Non-members would only come to a “content restricted” page with an invite to purchase a membership for access.

I designed the table and the site page to uphold with org’s branding. The table contained it’s own search element, apart from the broad website search, and I created an alternative search through a “filter” drop-down of categories and subcategories. More so, the page content surrounding the library table reached to define key elements of the library for users. For example, it defined each category in greater detail with expanding toggles, and it provided a small “pop-up” with short how-to instructions and an icon key.

With the help of an assistant, I created over 300 categorized “posts,” providing definitions, icons, and copyright protected downloadable files for each. Exclusive materials available only for trained coaches were given more detail including a level of difficulty as well as separate exclusive site pages per resource that were more easily viewed on mobile devices.

I have also created additional materials in the process of introducing the tabled library to its members and promoting it to potential new members. I have created instructional content and slide shows to illustrate the basics for newly trained coaches, which have included a how-to video illustrating the basic log-in process! The library is, after all, exclusive to members and “content restricted” unless the user is a paid member and logged in. A “how to log in” video is in the works!


How-to Video for New Coaches

Reminder: The Coaches’ Protocol Library is exclusive for paid members.

BONUS Design Elements!

My work with this small organization has spanned various means of design and communication as well as operations, projects, and events management. In marketing efforts, I have been creator and sharer of newsletters promoting trainings and sharing posted articles through the use of BigMailer (AWS). I have adapted some of our longer educational resources and tools into shorter, visual “guides” (like “Celebration Share”) and shared them freely with our audiences. I also designed and developed a new website for the organization’s independent school, Harmony School, using my own photography throughout. An additional element to my work has been support for contracted facilitators who lead the organization’s professional development trainings. I assist them in prep and wrap up for trainings, and I have made sure they have their own exclusive online “library” of resources on the main website and in Google Workspace where they can find well-organized how-to, next-steps, complex forms, and documents for download.

Celebration Share Promo Activity for Teachers

New Library Promo

Harmony School Website

Facilitator Resources & Complex Forms