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I’m a seasoned content creator in love with education, creativity, and community-building. With Master’s degrees in Digital Storytelling and Creative Writing, I’ve spent the last 10+ years exploring and taking on many titles – from writer and copy editor to graphic artist/producer and web developer to college instructor and instructional designer. I love using my skills to help others learn, grow, and succeed.

I’m truly versatile with experience designing and developing websites, publications, marketing campaigns, as well as courses and trainings. I’ve worked as an end-to-end project manager in multiple settings and have gathered lots of insight and tools for brainstorming, revising, proofing, and optimizing. I’m well-versed in core creative software applications and quick to learn new tools. I’m familiar with many learning management and content management systems, skilled at organizing, analyzing, problem-solving, and updating basic and complex digital operations and functions. 

Since 2007, I’ve instructed higher education courses in composition, communications, inquiry and research, and creative writing, developing my own unique curriculum for diverse populations – in urban and rural settings – in both on-site and virtual classrooms. I am educated and experienced in andragogy and online-learning best practices. My approach is always human-centered, inclusive, and focused on fostering critical thinking and creativity.

As I continue to advance in my career, I bring my education, technical expertise, artistic eye, and my sincere desire to make new connections. I’m eager to collaborate with others who share my passion for learning and growth. Let’s work together and making something amazing! 

Projects I can build and deliver:

Websites *  Marketing campaigns  *  Infographics, illustrations, informative documents/articles   *   Virtual courses  * Interactive eLearning modules and materials  *  Slide presentations  *  Videos  *  Newsletters  *  Magazines and books *  Promotional material and copy  *  Graphic design and logos  *  Photography (people, places, and things)  *  and more!


Technical Tools I can use:

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Premiere *  Adobe Express, Lightroom, and Firefly  *  Canva  *  Microsoft Power Point, Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams  *  Genially  *  Blackboard and Canvas Learning Management Systems  *  LearnWorlds  *  WordPress (including Avada and Divi builders and WooCommerce)  *  Squarespace  *  BigMailer (AWS)  *  MailChimp  *  Google Workspace  * Google Classroom  *  Zoom (for meetings, webinars, and interactive trainings)  *  Submittable  *  Hubspot  *  Quickbooks  *  Discord  *  Slack  *  Chat GPT  *  Midjourney  *  Learning:  Articulate Storyline and Rise  *  Make.com  * Zapier  * Figma  * and more!

Skills & experience

  • content development and management systems
  • user experience (UX) and interface (UI)
  • stakeholder engagement and influence
  • creative thinking and idea generation
  • research, analysis, and application
  • team work, collaboration, and leadership
  • project management
  • graphic design
  • web development and design
  • instructional design & eLearning tools
  • curriculum development (academia and adult/professional PD and virtual trainings)
  • learning management systems
  • writing/editing
  • photography and photo-editing
  • video editing
  • marketing and sales
  • event management
  • office operations
  • problem solving
  • customer/client support and services

Mom, my big sister, and me: 1982


… And there is, of course, more about me personally. See that old Polaroid? I grew up in an old, two-bedroom house in a small Midwestern town, just me, my big sister, and our mom who was gone a lot, working for minimum wage in factories and housecleaning on the side. It wasn’t easy, but we did our best to take care of each other.  We taught ourselves a LOT. I was an artist, explorer, and entrepreneur at an early age, writing and selling my own newspapers door-to-door, producing plays on my back porch, and building families of giant cardboard robots. I  became a mother at a young age but still made my way to college – and, once I got there, I just kept going and going! I was granted full scholarships and graduate and teaching assistantships to back me. I became the first in my family to earn a graduate degree. And, in the midst of all that schooling, I raised four beautiful children and found an excellent partner in marriage. Fast forward to now, and I’m an awesome grandma (Just ask any one of my five grandkids!)! I walked a challenging path, but, over the years, I’ve grown to love my personal story, all the blunders alongside the successes, and I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could. I love my family immensely, and I love that I’m back in my home state of Indiana, in a small town, in a house surrounded by tall trees, where I can step out my back door every morning, if I so desire, to watch the sun rise over a cow field and then, with my camera in hand, go bug-hunting.

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How can I help you? I do some freelance work and would love to help my fellow freelancers, artists, organizations, and small businesses! Are you needing help with something you’ve written, or a website, an interactive lesson or course, a slide presentation, promotional graphics, or photographs? Send me a quick note through the form below, and I will reply with an email response. Thank you!

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