“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see. “
~ Thoreau


*design *create *learn *teach

Creative Thinker and
Project Manager


A long-time team manager, I combine creative processes and critical thinking to build solutions and more powerful experiences for customers and learners. I am experienced in all stages of creation, from brainstorming to drafting to ongoing analysis and revisions.

Visual Artist with
Tech Savvy


I bring years of experience as a graphic designer, fully aware of the principals of design, the value of audience awareness, and the need for a keen eye for detail. I have worked within most major design applications and self-learn new tech quickly.

Master Level Education
and Teaching Experience


With an M.A. in both Digital Storytelling and English, Creative Writing, I can create high-level content in multiple mediums. I bring experience as an educator, aware of the needs of educating adults in higher education courses and in professional trainings.

Projects I can build and deliver:

Websites and Digital Content

Website design, development, and foundational upkeep for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. Online stores, resource libraries, and user/membership databases. Creative and informative digital content, including infographs and some animation. Professional, promotional, and creative writing, revising, and editing.

Slide Presentations and Videos

Unique, well-designed Power Point presentations, interactive and timed, for live events or asynchronous. Branding and short animations. Customized videos with graphics, templates, and effective transitions. Video editing and experience with filming and audio.

Virtual Courses and Learning Material

Course curriculum for adult learners. Course sites from within complex Learning Management systems with complementary visuals and design. Interactive lessons and activities, informative, quiz-based, and reflective. Educational handouts, graphics, and texts.

Graphics, Publications, and Photography

Graphic designs, including logos, marketing material, and even hand-drawn illustrations. Detailed layouts for workbooks, magazines, and books. High-quality photography of objects, people, and places.

I am a long-time designer and developer of creative, virtual experiences. I have earned an M.A. in Digital Storytelling (Communication, Information and Media) as well as an an M.F.A in Creative Writing (focus: Creative Nonfiction). 

I love creating, learning, and teaching and have taken on many professional titles. I am a project manager, multi-skilled in all facets of content development and design, building websites, publications, adult courses, and professional trainings. Educated and experienced in andragogy and online-learning best practices, I bring a passion for human-centered instruction, upholding inclusion and fairness. I love practicing and teaching critical thinking and creative processes through reflection and better feedback. 

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How can I help you? I do some freelance work and would love to help my fellow freelancers, artists, organizations, and small businesses! Are you needing help with something you’ve written, or a website, an interactive lesson or course, a slide presentation, promotional graphics, or photographs? Send me a quick note through the form below, and I will reply with an email response. Thank you!

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