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Inform & Promote: 2 site pages to define key terms

Summer 2022

Challenge: This organization needed to define core concepts and terms on its website to answer common questions for new site users. Site users came to the site but often left with questions, perhaps because key terms were repeated and, yet, not clearly, prominently defined. The information was “buried” for new site users in a lengthy bulleted list of FAQs, in thick paragraphs, on a PDF brochure that had to be opened or downloaded, or in books that had to be purchased. Answering core questions for new site users could result in more purchased memberships as well as increased registration in the org’s professional development trainings in which learners become intimately familiar with such concepts and terminology.

Appealing to educators: A Site User Profile

This small organization serves educators – teachers, educational coaches, administrators, school staff, other education-based organizations, and even instructional designers. It makes a global appeal, all over the world and to all school types. Its trainings promise better collaboration through trust building and structures that allow for equity of voice. It provides hands-on tools and methodologies educators can use in their classrooms and in professional group meetings through which they can support each other and problem solve. Site visitors are looking for solutions, be it vast improvements to their core school culture or better methods of group work and peer feedback in their third grade science labs. They are interested in growth and deeper human connections in their workplace.

Infographs & WordPress

Solution: I determined two major questions needed to be answered more prominently on the website: “What are protocols and why use them?” and “What is CFG Work?” In observing social network responses and incoming emails and in analyzing user activity on the site as Website Manager, I could see where visitors went looking for answers and what they searched for. I could also see the best answers were not clearly evident. I designed/created two focused, informative website pages answering these two major questions. These pages contained illustrative images as well as easy-to-read info-graphs containing arrows and icons as well as colors and fonts that fit the org’s branding. Content developed and shared was promotional and informative. The two pages were interwoven.

Content was developed through collaboration with the organization’s directors. I created and shared a tiered outline in Google Docs with deeper questions developed to further illustrate and define the concepts and refine the technical writing, namely reducing word count and creating clear, abbreviated points. The editing process was collaborative and a success!

Graphics for the page were created with Abobe Express and Photoshop. The site is a complex WordPress site which utilizes the Avada theme builder.

BONUS Design Elements!

As manager of this organization’s website, I had the task of also posting articles for their publication Connections and sharing graphics through promotions such as newsletters and online social networking. Connections shares shorter articles that are, in a similar way to these defining site pages, informative and promotional, spreading the knowledge of the organization’s core concepts. In sharing posts for Connections, I have the task of also editing texts as needed and creating featured “cover” images and promotional details for additional products and events. Here are some examples of my graphic design work using Adobe Express and Photoshop.

The Importance of Belonging Promo and Feature Images

Promotional Material Designed for Online Social Networking

JOY Promo Activity for Teachers

Promotional material for products and events, multiple uses